Grant Gofourth - Founder


have been there. You know, you pay someone a predetermined amount of money for a website, then they do one of two things. They take your money and run, not completing your website. Or, they take your money and deliver something that barely resembles a website, let alone what you were expecting. was founded on the idea that we would make websites that will actually benefit your business. We're a small business that focuses on serving other small businesses, like yours! In fact, if you're local to Murfreesboro, TN or the surrounding area, please ask around about us. We have several satisfied local customers.

We want you to be involved with every aspect of your project. We show you everything we're doing so that you'll know where we are on it at all times. This is done via a timeline that we predetermine with you (for free) prior to starting your project. We make sure that you'll remain informed each step of the way.

We find that business owners are the happiest when they can see the work as its happening and don't have to just trust that it's being done. That's why when you start a project with us, you'll be able to speak to the project manager who will work with you to form a timeline, determine milestones, and ultimately decide the best course of action to take regarding your business' online presence.

Speaking of your online presence, it needs to be a strong one, and it needs to be one that you can track with key performance indicators. We'll run analytics of your website, track visitors (new and repeat), and send you a report. But, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Ask us about other methods we use to track your online success.